3 Safety Features for Car Insurance Discounts

Some states mandate discounts for safety features from car insurance carriers, but most do not. It is up to you to come out and ask. Don't assume that because the agent didn't bring it up that they don't offer them. Basically if you don't ask for discounts you wont get any.

Here are three safety feature discounts that you must ask for:

Air Bags
Many carriers will discount up to 30% off medical payments and personal injury protection if there are air bags installed on the driver and passenger side. To qualify for even more savings check to see if your car has side air bags, head curtain air bags and automatic seat belts.

Theft Recovery and Tracking Units
These little gadgets are becoming more and more common on new cars. You can also have on installed. In some states like Massachusetts you can get big discounts of up to 20 to 25%. In smaller towns like Missoula car insurance providers may not give sizable discounts because car theft is not very common, but it never hurts to ask.

Anti-Theft Devices
These devices are classified as active anti-theft devices. Passive include things like the horn beeping when you lock the doors. An active unit is usually an installed alarm system. Most companies will give a 5% discount so make sure you ask about this one.